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We are excited to spend our wedding week with our closest family and dearest friends.



Day of Arrival & Bellas Birthday

Please arrive at the Villa as of 16:00. We will have welcome drinks ready and show you the venue and your rooms. This is also Bella's birthday and we will have a communal pool party and snacks in the evening to celebrate.

16:00 - 17:00 Arrival & Checkin

19:00 Birthday Pool Party (BOYB)

Chill Day &
Arrival of Family

This day belongs to you! Sleep in, exercise, chill at the pool or go on an adventure, the possibilities are endless. Fabi and Bella's family will be arriving on this day and there will be a family dinner for everyone that evening which you are welcome to join!

19:00 Bring & Braai Family Dinner



Chill Day &
Wedding Prep

You are welcome to spend this time in whichever way you like, but we would much appreciate help when it comes to the first of the wedding preperations.

Please be prepared to feed and fend for yourself on this day. There is a big communal kitchen to cook in and local restaurants are just 500m down the road!


Wedding set up & Welcome Pool Party

It's getting serious! We will need all hands on deck when it comes to preparing and setting up for the ceremony on Wednesday. We will ask you to lend us a hand in terms of running errands, setting up the location, prepping food etc. 

Of course you will also have time for yourselves, but be prepared to jump on board when called for. Finer details and to dos will be drawn up closer to the time.

This is the evening the other guests arrive and check in to the farmhouse 200 m down the road. We will be hosting a „soft“ pool party with light welcome drinks and snacks for them.


16:00-20:00 Welcome Pool Party


Wedding Ceremony

It’s happening!!! See further details to the day below.


We get a whole day to sleep in, cure our hangovers and recover from all the action and jolling. Thoughts are to host a „Bring & Brunch“ with whatever food is left over and whatever guests feel like coming back up to the Villa. 

12:00 Bring & Brunch



Chill Day & Outings

This day belongs to you! Sleep in, exercise, chill at the pool or go on an adventure, the possibilities are endless. Please be prepared to feed and fend for yourself on this day. The Villa has a kitchen to cook in and local restaurants are just 500m down the road!

We will try to organize some outings for various groups to join in on. A walk to the birthplace of Leonardo Da Vinci (4 – 5km round way) and a day trip to Florence (30m away) are top of the list.


Over & Out

Check Out by 11:00


The Villa

Very close to the small village of Masotti, in the municipality of Serravalle Pistoiese, surrounded by a 5,500 square meter park, lies Villa Il Salicone. The three-story country house is run by the sisters Ilaria and Nicoletta, descendants of the noble Niccoli family. It has recently been completely restored and is now available for vacationers who will quickly be charmed by the antique villa’s charm.


Unbenannt-5_Zeichenfläche 1 Kopie 3.png


It's possible to reach Villa Il Salicone by public transport. Take the connection Munich - Bologna - Firenze. From there you can take the REG direction Lucca that runs every 30 minutes to "Serravalle Pistoiese". From the train station you can either walk to the Villa (1,6km) or arrange to be picked up by one of the other guests arriving by car. Please inform us in advance about your arrival time.


Follow your navigation to: 
Villa Il Salicone
Quattro Querci, 29/35,
51030 Stazione Masotti PT, Italy

Driving from Munich: +/- 7 hours

If possible, team up with other guests so as to split petrol and toll costs and be kinder to the planet. On-site parking is available.
Unbenannt-5_Zeichenfläche 1 Kopie 5.png
Unbenannt-5_Zeichenfläche 1 Kopie 4.png


The closest airport is Aeroporto Amerigo Vespucci in Florence which is about 40 km away from Pistoia.
From there you can either take the REG direction Lucca which runs every 30 minutes to "Serravalle Pistoiese" or rent a car and drive to the Villa (on-site parking available).


Dress code - Garden formal Feel free to choose attire that reflects the relaxed charm of a Tuscan wedding. Think light and airy fabrics, flowing dresses, and sun-friendly accessories like straw hats and sunglasses. Since our celebration will partly be held on a lawn, we recommend you keep this in mind when it comes to wearing heels. As the day turns into evening, there might be a bit of a chill in the air, so it’s a good idea to bring something to keep warm. A light jacket or shawl will come in handy, so you can enjoy the festivities without getting too chilly.

Babies & Children We love your babies as much as we love you! You are welcome to bring them along for the week of celebrations. Keep in mind that there is a pool on the property but it is away from the house (100m up the hill behind the house). The Bedrooms are big enough to accommodate a crib or baby bed and there are also enough rooms throughout the house to arrange safe space for the kids to sleep. There are a few baby beds in the house but if you have a portable one it would be safest to bring it along

Can I bring a +1 Unfortunately, due to space limitations, we ask our guests to please not bring a plus one, unless they are specifically named on the invitation. Thank you so much for understanding!

Wedding Gifts The most important thing to us is that you are able to celebrate with us on our wedding day. However, if you wish to give a gift, we will gratefully accept a small contribution towards future projects as a married couple - starting off with the addition of a furry family member.

Do I need to bring bedding? No, the Villa will supply us with bedding. Do however remember to bring bedding for your little ones. The villa does not supply towels so bring your own bathroom and pool towels please :)

Food & Drink Situation As we are 20 people for the week, we can unfortunately not supply a fully catered experience. There will be a few days / events that we will supply food and drinks for, these are specifically noted in the timeline. Please be prepared to cater for yourself outside of these times. We will supply a basic setup for breakfast (fruit, milk, cereal, coffee & tea). Ideally we would love to have communal dinners together, we can try and set up teams for the various meals that will take over the shopping, cooking and cleaning and split the bills. This can be discussed at the time.

Who can I contact? Bella: +49 151 1770 7505 Fabi: +49 174 8843 454 Alex (Maid of Honor): +27 82 403 5652 Dini (Maid of Honor): +49 176 552 25893 Cuan (Best Man): +49 163 909 7259 Emily: (Best Woman): +49 176 3054 4142

Roadtrips, Outings & Adventures

While we’re excited to have you at our wedding in Tuscany, this region offers more than just our celebration. Tuscany beckons with its history, culture, and stunning landscapes. 

Our guide is designed to inspire your adventures, from scenic road trips and charming villages to delicious dining and historical exploration. We look forward to celebrating with you and hope your trip to Tuscany becomes an unforgettable journey.

Bildschirmfoto 2023-11-22 um 22.33.03.png

Book Recommendation

1944, in the ruined wine cellar of a Tuscan villa, as bombs fall around them, two strangers meet and share an extraordinary evening. Ulysses Temper is a young British soldier, Evelyn Skinner is an art historian and possible spy.


Evelyn has come to Italy to salvage paintings from the wreckage and relive memories of the time she had her heart stolen by an Italian maid in a particular Florentine room with a view.

Evelyn’s talk of truth and beauty plants a seed in Ulysses’ mind that will shape the trajectory of his life – and of those who love him – for the next four decades.

Shortly after returning to a smog-covered London, circumstances lead to him, a kid, an old man and a parrot making their way back to Florence to start a new life.

Moving from the Tuscan Hills and piazzas of Florence, to the streets of London’s East End, Still Life is a sweeping, joyful novel about beauty, love, family and fate.


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