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Summer Flavour - Marcels Frozen Yogurt

Summer Flavour plays with the fact that a new range of flavours is available, while supporting the notion of new and individual styles that inevitably walk hand-in-hand with the start of summer. This allows Marcel’s to ask its consumers which new flavour suits their summer style best.

Visually this will be portrayed with flat-lay styled photography, showing items of clothing and accessories of a style that characterize a certain personality, combined with the new flavour product and relevant toppings or ingredients.​ Furthermore, an online quiz is launched on the website, allowing the viewer to find out what their Summer Flavour is by choosing from different flavours and accessories which are associated with summer. After completing this quiz, the viewer redeems a voucher for his Summer Falvour at one of the Marcel‘s Stores.

During my time as an intern at Limbik in South Africa I was a part of the team that worked on the general idea and concept for the campaign and was also responsible for the definition of the characters and giving directions in both the photoshoot as well as the post production of the media.

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